Telemedicine is a general term that covers all the ways you and your doctor can use technology to communicate without being in the same room. It includes phone calls, video chats, emails, and text messages. It is also referred to as telehealth, digital medicine, e-health, or m-health (for “mobile”). 

Patients and healthcare providers can communicate with electronic technology to  diagnose and treat signs and symptoms of disease. All kinds of ailments, medication refills and chronic diseases can be managed with telemedicine appointments. There are many diagnoses and treatment plans that can be done without a physical examination. 

Telemedicine appointments are convenient for patients. Patient benefits are: 

Telemedicine has improved access to care and improved cost effectiveness and may be an excellent solution for your health care 

If you would like to schedule a telemedicine appointment call Grayhawk Medical Group at 480-661-1679 or go to our website 

Wishing you great health, wellness and prosperity, 

Dr. Nunez and the staff at Grayhawk Medical Group.

Michael Nunez, M.D. Dr. Michael Nunez is a primary care physician who treats patients living in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Dr. Nunez attended the University of Arizona where he earned both his Bachelor's degree as well as his doctorate. He received his Board Certification through the American Board of Family Medicine. The doctor is an Arizona native who takes pride in working with the people of his community. The doctor began practicing medicine in 1998. In 2001, he opened Grayhawk Medical Group, PLLC, to better serve the area residents. Dr. Nunez continues to expand his education so he can better serve his patients in all aspects of treatment.

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