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Grayhawk Medical Group, PLLC, is a full-service medical practice that offers medication management to its patients. Dr. Michael Nunez serves patients who live in Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix area as well as many nearby communities.

Medication Management Q & A

What are the Benefits of Medication Management?

Medication management benefits patients in two ways. The first way helps patients receive the exact level of treatment at all times. This involves palliative care, synergistic care, as well as preventative medicine. The second benefit involves being able to offer the exact dosage of each medication at every stage of a patient's treatment. While medications are used in the majority of treatment plans, improper use can lead to unnecessary medical expenses. A medical management program allows doctors to help their patients manage not only their health conditions but also how they are treated. Medication management programs protect patients from potential abuse and misuse of their medications.

Who can Benefit From Medication Management?

Any patient who is on a long-term medication program can benefit from a medication management program. Individuals who suffer from chronic health conditions that require effective pain management require the use of certain drugs that may be addictive if misused. Medication management programs are used to help each patient use their medications effectively so they do not accidentally or intentionally abuse them. Medication management also involves maintaining the proper dosage of a medication even if the person's health fluctuates. The delivery of insulin must be effectively managed according to the patient's need at any given time. This is another form of medication management.

How are Medications Effectively Managed?

Medications can be managed in many different ways. Doctors will often limit the number of prescriptions a person may fill each year for a specific type of medication. One way that is beneficial, especially for the elderly, is keeping a written log of each medication that is received. This can prevent a missed dose or taking an additional dose once it has already been taken. Diabetic patients can be placed on an insulin pump system that continually monitors their blood sugar levels and administers the appropriate amount of insulin as it is needed. Medication management programs are designed with both the medication and the patient in mind, taking into consideration both the health condition and necessary dosage.

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