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At Grayhawk Medical Group, PLLC, Dr. Michael Nunez offers weight loss programs to his patients who are interested in regaining their health. The doctor sees patients from all around the Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix area.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

What is Included in Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs?

Medically supervised weight loss programs include many different elements that are used to help a patient lose weight safely and effectively. The goal is not to just lose weight, but help the patient create effective lifestyle patterns that will last them a lifetime. Nutritionally sound diet plans provide the nutrients that are needed and exercise programs are developed that can be altered as the patient's level of fitness improves. A medically supervised weight loss program offers counseling by the doctor that can help the patient avoid many of the pitfalls they may have faced if they had tried to lose weight on their own.

Who can Benefit From a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program?

Individuals who need to lose a substantial amount of weight but have health concerns that may prevent them from following a conventional weight loss program can greatly benefit from weight loss programs offered by their physician. Their family physician knows the patient's existing health conditions and allows them to create a weight loss program that will not aggravate or hinder their existing treatment plans. With the doctor playing an active role in the patient's weight loss program, the doctor can adjust both the diet and exercise programs as necessary. It also allows for the adjustment of medications as the patient's health steadily improves.

When Should a Weight Loss Program be Considered?

Supervised weight loss programs should be considered any time a patient has an active health condition that may be aggravated by the activities performed during a conventional weight loss program. Even if a person has no other significant health issues, a dramatic weight loss can shock the body causing imbalances in hormone production as well as putting stress on the heart. Each person will react differently to weight loss. Working with a physician who specializes in supervised weight loss programs allows for constant monitoring which can prevent any type of health condition or injury that may result if a person loses weight too quickly.

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